Thursday, October 3, 2013

                     The Croc... The Super Croc


     Some people call him a beast and some call him a monster. But who is he really?...... He's super croc! The croc is the size of a school bus and bigger than an elephant. Supposedly  he eats dinosaurs 10 times his size. He has more than 130 teeth in his mouth.His mouth is more than 6 wide.

My Opinion

      I think this creature still roams the earth in search of a home. Maybe there are more super crocs living in our lakes, rivers, and swamps. In my opinion super croc is real. I mean think about it all of these scientists found super crocs skeleton. what else could it be. Like I could understand if you didnt believe in big foot but come on they found skeletons of him. Even national geographic did an article on him. 

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      The age of dinosaurs may have been dominated by dinosaurs, but they certainly weren't the only fearsome creatures around. A series of remarkable discoveries from a team led by Paul Sereno, a paleontologist at the University of Chicago and a National Geographic explorer-in-residence, has made it clear that another, less celebrated group of animals lived alongside the dinos, and sometimes even dined on those better-known cousins.
The animals in question were crocodiles, which thrived in the wetlands of the ancient Sahara 100 million years ago. Sereno found his first specimens of these prehistoric monsters about a decade ago, a species called Sarcosuchus, nicknamed SuperCroc: it was some 40 ft. long and weight 8 tons. I got this information from ""
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