Monday, March 10, 2014

Is it ok to lie?

      Have you ever lied to someone you care about to spare their feelings? Did you ever wonder if its ok to lie for a good reason?Currently studies are being done to determine if a lie can be a good thing. Is a lie worth all of the guilt that comes with it? A lie might be a good thing because you will make someone feel better, you wont feel guilty for telling the truth, and people will appreciate you trying to spare their feelings.

      You can make someone feel better because if your best friend has a bad haircut and you say you like it than he will feel better about himself. You wont feel guilty because you will know that because of your lie you made someone feel better about themselves. Also the person will appreciate your favor of trying  to spare their feelings by giving them compliments.

Do you think lying is good? If you think lying is bad find a quote that represents the way you feel about the situation.

Sunday, March 9, 2014


    What continent do you live on South America, North America, Asia? Would you believe that all of these continents used to be one continent? Scientist Alfred Wegener believed that more than 300,000 years ago all of our continents today used to form a super continent. He made a study on it. It is called the continental drift. 

If you have watched ice age than you have some kind of idea of what it is. For the people that haven't the continental drift was a theory that when all of the continents formed Pangaea they drifted apart because of tectonic plates.

My opinion is that Pangaea was a theory that there was force that moved all the continents into a huge continent called Pangaea. All the continents were together and after millions of years they drifted apart along plate boundaries.

Do you think the continental drift was real?

for the breaking barriers essay contest

For the breaking barriers essay contest this is the essay I wrote.

My barrier was that my family was not the best family in the world. Like every family my family had there problems. Like those little things that get you ticked off. When I was very young I was adopted by my very loving aunt she took me in with open arms. I used to say bad things about her witch I now understand was wrong. I was very disrespectful to her. I used to think that my actual mother was better but I later found out that it was not true I'm not trying to bad mouth her because I know she has a lot  on her plate with my eight siblings. Now I know what your thinking, What about your father well to answer this What happened was that I was adopted I never saw my father but that's ok because I have my uncle who I love very much. Even though I don't have an actual father I like to think that my uncle is my new father he is the person that I can go to for comforting because he is very nice and even though I can be quite disrespectful he never yells at me he just tries to have a nice conversation. Now as for my cousins I live with my brother Giovanni and with my sister Stephanie. Although I cause a lot of problems my cousins always try to have a calm conversation with me. That is the story of my barrier I hope you enjoyed my essay. 

I hope i win this essay contest because the grand prize is a laptop that I want to give to my mom because hers is not in the best condition and also because she does so much for me and now I might get to return the favor.


   Ariana Grande Butera Is one of the best singers I have ever heard. If your anything like me you will get goose bumps just listening to her music. She inspires me. Not only is she a singer she is also an actress you may know her from various nickelodeon shows. Ariana was born on June 26 1996, in Boca Raton Florida.

Ariana is well known for her act as Kat Valentine on the nickelodeon show victorious. She is best friends with Elizabeth Gillies. She was on the Broadway show 13.

Miley Cyrus 

Well known for her role in Hannah Montana. She made a reappearance in her song wrecking ball.

The Hunger Games


I have recently read the hunger games series I loved the trilogy. It is about a girl named Katniss Everdeen she has to choose between her best friend Gale or her alleged boyfriend Peeta. Katniss has to do the one thing she never wanted to do she has to kill her sister was chosen to join the hunger games but Katniss took her place witch is one thing she will soon regret.


Katniss will never find happiness in her world of misery until she realizes who she wants to be with in the end. Katniss devotes all her time to hunting but this is way out of her learning experience. Will Katniss die trying to save herself or die trying to save her country?  

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Name: Lionel Messi

Messi started playing soccer { Football } when he was five yrs old. His team's name was Grandoli. After a couple of years playing he was founded by Futbol Club Barcelona. Lionel Messi's father was Jorge Horacio Messi. His mother's name was Celia Maria Cuccittini. Actually believe it or not he was a middle class family. One of Messi's accomplishments was winning el copa del ray. Another was winning the Fifa world cup. He also won the bravo war btw bravo is almost like wow or yay.


 Three interesting facts about Lionel Messi is he take more than 35 million dollars a year. Another is that Messi is also sponsored by Adidas. And last but not least Lionel Messi's nick name is the flea.


Monday, January 6, 2014


Puppies are little animals. There are a lot of types of puppies. For example a poodle, a poodle is made for swimming that's why some of them have the puff on there paws its to help them to float. Another example is a Husky they are very big, and love the snow!!! 

Opinion                                                                     I love puppies there so cute. I have two dogs in my house. One of them is one and the other is seven. I have lots of friends with dogs.

Do you guys have any pets and if so what kind???