Monday, March 10, 2014

Is it ok to lie?

      Have you ever lied to someone you care about to spare their feelings? Did you ever wonder if its ok to lie for a good reason?Currently studies are being done to determine if a lie can be a good thing. Is a lie worth all of the guilt that comes with it? A lie might be a good thing because you will make someone feel better, you wont feel guilty for telling the truth, and people will appreciate you trying to spare their feelings.

      You can make someone feel better because if your best friend has a bad haircut and you say you like it than he will feel better about himself. You wont feel guilty because you will know that because of your lie you made someone feel better about themselves. Also the person will appreciate your favor of trying  to spare their feelings by giving them compliments.

Do you think lying is good? If you think lying is bad find a quote that represents the way you feel about the situation.

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